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Automated Specials

More impact with less effort

Updating your Dealership's Online Specials is a time-consuming necessary task that is rarely done well.

Our Automated Specials allow you to focus on selling cars while we take care of this critical part of your website and generate more leads.

Relevant and current specials

RnD Interactive's Automated Specials addresses a common problem that Dealerships have managing their website - maintaining Relevant and Current specials. Most specials provided by website companies require constant maintenance. With as busy as most Internet Departments are these days, Specials are often neglected. This results in Dealerships bleeding customers and sales from their Specials Pages.

RnD's Automotive Specials are all about taking a sore spot in your marketing strategy and turning it into a true asset for your business.

First, our specials are automated, which means they always work, are always there, and convert at a very high rate - over 8% for most Makes.

Why is automation important? If your dealership is like most, someone is responsible for gathering the specials, and taking time to create them using a poorly designed Specials Builder that comes packaged with your website. While your team is collecting and building the specials, you are shedding customers and leads. And, once the specials are built, they don't work to generate leads for the dealership - they are largely informational.

Automated Specials from RnD ensures your website always has specials, and with built-in lead capture, do a great job of converting your customers to in-market opportunities. Plus, automation rules means that your team is free - free to focus on their jobs making as much money for the dealership as they can.

Find out more about why specials matter.

Call for a 15 minute demonstration of how RnD's Specials can turn your Website Specials into a major asset for your dealership.
  • Current Incentives relevant to your customers
  • New Car Specials
  • Used Car Specials
  • Parts and Service Specials
  • Segmented, Targeted Specials Pages
  • Home Page Specials
  • Specials for your Mobile Website
  • User-friendly and fast Admin Tool that allows VINs to specials, or create general specials on models or trims
  • Leads and clicks are tracked and reported
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