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Email Marketing
Be first on their minds
Email Marketing to your existing customer database is a great way to keep your name in front of sold and unsold prospects. When customers are thinking about buying, you'll be the first on their minds.
Untapped potential...waiting for the right offer
Your prospects, sold and unsold, are a great source of potential sales. Carefully marketing to those customers can lead to a gold mine of future sales. We practice a straight-forward approach to email marketing that is focused on giving your customers valuable information, and providing that information with such regularity that they come to expect it, and depend on it being there when they will be making a buying decision.

The result is 5-10 incremental sales from your existing database every month, all with little effort on your part.

Moderation and careful focus are the name of the game.
First, we strongly suggest sending your customers no more than 3 email marketing pieces a month - any more than that and your customers will start opting-out in droves.

We suggest a schedule of emails that includes a Service Piece, a New Car Piece, and a Used Car Piece.
  • Service - your current coupons, plus a consumer-friendly service article, helps keep overall opt-out rates lower.
  • Used Cars - your Used Vehicle Specials, broken down by useful categories, and linked to your website.
  • New Cars - Incentives or New Vehicle Specials, plus a feature offer, linked to your website.
We send these through your CRM, which saves you money, and lets you know exactly who is responding so you can sell that customer a car.
  • Custom Designs
  • Dealership Branding
  • Data-Focused Email Content
    • Incentives Data
    • Used Vehicle Specials
    • Service Newsletters
  • Send via Your CRM
  • Dedicated Account Management
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