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Introducing ESP
ESP is a new product from RnD Interactive designed to make your Specials and Slider coupon more relevant and useful to your website visitors, generating even more leads and keeping your customers on your website looking at inventory even longer.

What is ESP?
ESP includes enhancements to your Automated Specials and Slider coupon. These enhancements include:
  • Best Offer Slider Coupons - for each of your New Car Models, we'll build a "Best Offer" slider that features the best available Rebate, APR offer, and Lease Offers for your zip code. By offering best available offers, the slider captures people who are interested in your vehicles, but are not finding what they want in your inventory. Instead of leaving your site for your competition, we'll capture them with the Slider.
  • Additional Used Car Slider - we'll build a custom used car slider coupon for any Used Vehicle Events, Special Financing, or other offers aimed at your Pre-Owned customer base.
  • Integrated Featured Offers - when you post a Monthly dealership offer to your Specials pages, we'll show that offer in the Slider Coupon when people are searching your inventory for that model.
  • Up to 10 additional Vehicle Specials pages integrated into your website. These additional pages are designed to target segments of your customer base with Targeted Specials content. Examples of successful Specials pages include:
    • Certified Specials
    • Well-Equipped New Car Specials
    • Off-Road Ready Used Car Specials
    • Quality Family Vehicles
RnD Account Managers will build a marketing plan for your website to identify and target your customers.

How ESP will help you
Your dealership spends a lot of time, energy and money driving people into the Inventory pages on your Dealership Website. Plus, leads from VDP are by far the most valuable to the dealership.

ESP modifies your Slider coupon to bring your Dealership Specials, from Manufacturer Incentives to Dealership Feature Offers, to your Inventory pages, and present Model-matched offers to customers as they are searching your inventory. For most dealers, if they are running an offer in TV, Radio, or on their Home Page, that offer never makes it into their inventory, which is exactly where your customers are looking for that offer. ESP fixes that problem and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you.

The Result?
Our ESP dealers have seen an increase in Time on Site, and increase in VDP page views, an increase in VDP leads, and an overall increase in leads from Specials and Slider. In fact, dealers have reported form submissions overall from their website have roughly doubled with the addition of Specials plus ESP.

Call us today at (888) 689-2652 for a demo and to ask about our current ESP offers.
Slider Coupon Enhancements:
  • 1 Slider per New Vehicle Model with Current Incentives
  • Dealership Offers and Specials integrated into the Slider
  • Custom Slider offer for Used Car Shoppers
Specials Enhancements:
  • Up to 10 Additional Targeted Specials Pages
  • Tabbed Navigation on all Specials pages
  • Special Event Specials Pages
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