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The RnD Revolution:
Sell the appointment
You have the lead, you have a team of people who are great on the phone, but you're not getting the appointments. We can help get your customers engaged with our Follow-Up solutions.

Persistence overcomes Resistance
Our Follow-Up solutions support you internally and externally - with data-oriented sales follow-up templates designed to engage the customer and give them what they need to do business with you, and insight into what your competition is telling their customers.

By offering better information in your email follow-ups, you will build trust before the sales process really begins. With insight into your competition, you'll know when you're being undersold, or when your competition has a better message they are delivering to the marketplace.

How can our products revolutionize your sales process?
Read more in our Sales Follow-up Guide, our Stealth Shopper Guide, or call us and let us walk you through it.

  • Sales Follow-up Templates
    • Dealership Branding
    • Quote Templates for each model
    • Current Incentives
  • Multi-Day Follow-up Schedule
  • Stealth Shopper

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Follow-Up is just one piece of the strategy. Curious about the rest?