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The RnD Revolution:
In-Market Opportunities
Create prospects
Our In-Market Opportunities help you convert a higher percentage of your website traffic into sales opportunities. Your website produces the best leads - your customers are there because they want to do business with you. So why are they slipping through your fingers?

Standing out in the crowd
Ultimately, your potential customers need a few things from you before they will commit to giving you their information - they need to know what is available, and how they can save money when they buy from you. Most dealers do well enough on the first part, but ultimately fail to differentiate themselves on helping customers save money.

We're here to help. RnD's In-Market Opportunities fill that gap and make it easy for your customers to recognize the value you offer them.

Ready to revolutionize your conversion efforts?
Please read the product pages for Automated Specials, Slider Coupon, and Websites to learn more, or give us a call for a presentation.

and capture
leads with:
  • Automated Specials Management
  • Parts and Service Special Management
  • Persistent, behaviorally-activated lead generation
  • Custom Website Solutions

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In-Market Opportunities is just one piece of the strategy. Curious about the rest?