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RnD Interactive Job Posting
Graphic Designer / Marketing Support Specialist
Are you talented, responsible & conscientious, and want an opportunity for a career that offers flexibility? Are you re-entering the workforce, or want to work in an environment where work-life balance is taken seriously? If you have great graphic design and customer support skills, and want flexibility in your career, this job may be for you.

RnD Interactive, an Online Marketing Agency focused on the needs of Car Dealers, is seeking an experienced Graphic Designer and Marketing Support Specialist, with a strong technical aptitude. The primary responsibility for this role is to provide graphic design support for internet marketing materials (~20 hrs/week), with remaining time dedicated to customer support and product / marketing maintenance. The ideal candidate has demonstrated success in designing for online marketing, can communicate clearly and confidently to customers, is smart and resourceful in solving issues, and is tech-savvy enough to participate in the production of Internet marketing materials.

  • 3 or more years of experience designing graphics for websites (desktop and mobile), banner ads, slideshows, widgets and other types of internet marketing AND 1 or more years of experience providing Technical Support for Software / Apps / Help Desk Support, with a strong preference given to candidates with both
  • Experience designing for themes, skins, and other template-based design approaches
  • Experience with UX / responsive / mobile-first design a plus
  • Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop
  • Ability to effectively communicate with customers about technical and marketing issues, including phone, email and live chat
  • Strong attention to detail, with QA experience a plus
  • Strong active listening skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues and provide enough information to support staff to solve customer issues
  • Strong written, verbal and time management skills
  • Passion for providing the best possible customer service experience
  • Technical aptitude to follow explicit directions for servicing issues by type
  • Experience to deftly navigate through menus and options on mobile and desktop devices and describe those actions verbally
  • Ability to change system settings and product attributes via control panels and WYSYWIG interfaces
  • Ability to act responsibly and professionally, demonstrating poise when faced with frustrated or unhappy customers
  • Energetic and enthusiastic self-starter; comfortable learning new technologies; accountable and able to maintain strong work relationships within a completely remote work environment
  • Career-focused - we want someone looking to advance.

the skinny:

Support Team

100% Virtual Office, preference to candidates in Colorado, Texas & Washington

$37k-$45k annual or $18-$22/hr

Full-Time or Flex-Time

are you ready to make a difference?

Role & Responsibilities
The Graphic Designer / Marketing Support Specialist will be part of our Support Team, working closely with other Support Specialists, Account Managers and Sr. Account Managers, reporting to the Support Team Managers.

This role performs 3 types of marketing support:

Graphic Design:
  • Within a proprietary templated system, create monthly "theme" designs that apply a marketing theme across our slideshow, specials, and slider products; provide supporting graphics across products; maintain library of theme choices
  • Create and maintain default slideshow slides for all makes/models of vehicles
  • Creates slideshow graphics monthly for incentives-based offers
  • Create and maintain graphics library for coupons and slider products
  • Create banner ads for Search Engine Marketing campaigns
  • Create custom graphics, as requested, across all products
  • Utilize WYSIWYG system to create design themes and templates for products, to be leveraged by other Support Team members
  • Ensure all design meets internal standards, as well as external Compliance standards
  • For the right candidate: Custom website design, skin design, UX advisory role, and product development design
Customer Support:
  • Resolve web-based and phone requests via customer support ticketing system, phone, and other tools, escalating as necessary
  • Participate in production or maintenance of select internet marketing products, including email marketing, website coupons and specials, and website content, via WYSIWYG admin panels
  • As needed, provide incoming customer support requests via phone and email
  • Participate in product setups for new customers
  • Conduct product audits to ensure quality
  • Provide routine maintenance across all RnD products
  • Provide support for internal projects, as needed
  • Utilize internal tracking tools to manage issues between Customers and the Support Team
Availability & Compensation
RnD Interactive offers both full-time and flex-time options to its employees. Providing reliable, high-quality graphic design for our clients is critical to our success, but on a day-to-day level, it isn't a full-time job. To ensure the best fit for our ideal candidate, we're offering the following options for employment commitment:
  • Full-time Employment - Hourly (40 hrs/week)
    Graphic Design would be your primary responsibility, with remaining time spent executing customer support tasks alongside our Support Team. Those responsibilities have been described above. You must be available to work Monday thru Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Central Standard time.
  • Flex-time Employment - Hourly (20-40 hrs/week)
    We are happy to offer a committed schedule based on less than full-time employment, so long as you are available for primary graphic design responsibilities, which include a 30-hour/week commitment during the first week of every month. As with a full-time commitment, hours desired beyond graphic design would draw from customer support tasks. If you are looking for committed flex-time work, please indicate your desired commitment in your cover letter.
  • Additional Opportunities
    There is a lot of room for growth and advancement for an RnD Interactive designer. We provide websites for our clients, as well as widgets and tools for websites - we would love to hire a designer who is capable of producing polished, progressive skin design within a templated system. There are also opportunities to contribute to new product UX and design, as well as leaving your stamp on RnD's branding. Our ideal candidate will come in and get productive learning about our products and how design supports them, and be eager to grow into more advanced design within the company.
This position requires you to work from home - a computer and business-class phone will be provided. You must possess a high-speed internet connection capable of supporting business VOIP services, or be willing to upgrade your service.

This position pays $37k-$45k or $18-$22/hr, depending on experience, plus bonuses.

Responsible Flexibility
Culturally, RnD Interactive is more interested in working with responsible, conscientious, talented people than we are in demanding long hours and a traditional definition of full-time employment. It is - of course - a priority to ensure that work is covered and schedules are predictable, and successful candidates exhibit a high degree of ownership for their responsibilities, strong communication skills, pro-active self-management, and a sense of personal pride in a job well-done.

For roles that can be flexible, we consider:
  • Work schedules with alternative start- or end-time, such as 9am-4pm or 11am-6pm (primarily as a set schedule, not ad-hoc)
  • Working around scheduling irregularities for specific days of the week or monthly recurring needs
  • A minimum hours per week, with the ability to flex up to 40 hrs/week, dependent on business and personal needs
To Apply
Please visit here to fill out an application or send Cover Letter and Resume to
We're a small company with big ideas and high standards.

Things move fast, people wear many hats, and many processes are still evolving. In many ways, it is a "start-up" - we aren't mired in years of useless tradition, our employees are an integral part of defining how we do business, and we're small enough that personal relationships matter...a lot.

What does it take to be successful here?

RnD wants employees who are:
  • the go-to person when a job needs to be done right
  • a reliable and flexible partner for objective-focused problem solving
  • a thoughtful communicator who seeks to understand others' perspective
  • driven by improving their work product, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • resilient, show initiative, and are always part of the solution
Our ideal candidate will be able to clearly demonstrate these qualities in their previous work experience.