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We just need a few pieces of information to get started. Plan on spending about 5 minutes, and at the end, we'll send the install code to your website vendor to get your RnD Promo Slider™ installed.

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Your website's primary job: Deliver leads. How's that going?

RnD's Slider Coupon engages your customers with offers designed to encourage the next step - buying from you!

The following Slider tiers are available:

Basic (Free): Choose a template, customize, and engage your customers throughout their entire shopping experience.

SliderPro: Comes with an enhanced library of designs, full customization, targeted inventory specials integration, and greater targeting & scheduling options.

Enhanced SliderPro: Includes SliderPro features, plus model-targeted Best Offer Incentives, dedicated Account Management, custom templates, unique Sliders on any page, and more!

Call us at (888) 689-2652 for a demo of SliderPro or Enhanced SliderPro.