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The RnD Revolution:
Respect them and they will buy
Your prospects, sold and unsold, are a great, and frequently mismanaged, source of potential sales. Most dealers, however, are getting this part wrong. Let us show you how to squeeze an extra 5 to 10 deals a month out of your database.

Build Long-Term Value
We practice the long game in maintaining these relationships by giving your customers, via email marketing, enough information to stay engaged and informed, but not overdoing it with hyperbole and typical in-your-face dealership marketing tactics.

We look at it this way - your customers gave you their email addresses, and this indicates that at one point they were very interested in buying from you. If they were interested at one point, they'll be interested again.

Respect your customers, and they will stick around.

Isn't it time to revolutionize your relationships?
Please read the Email Marketing Product Guide and Recalls Product Guide to learn more, or give us a call so we can show you how this works.

  • Engaging, but not harassing
  • Emails to your Database:
    • Sales Emails
    • Service Newsletters
    • Current Offers
    • Specials
  • Recalls Email Marketing

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Relationships is just one piece of the strategy. Curious about the rest?