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The RnD Revolution
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Transparent, Accountable Marketing
Marketing ideas that work right, work because they are focused on a core idea.

Our idea?

Give your customers the information they need to make a good buying decision, building trust in you as an authority.

It's not revolutionary - it's just RIGHT
We've been hearing for years that the Internet was supposed to revolutionize the Automotive Retail industry. It's true that most dealers have an online presence at this point, but many still can't harness the power of that tool effectively.

Frankly, we believe that is due to the fact that vendors are still largely unaccountable to the dealers who pay them. Because of poor reporting, or lack of support, you are largely asked to make decisions based on emotion - how you feel about a company, or your best guess as to their performance, instead of basing a decision on hard facts. That's no way to run a business.

We're changing that.

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