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Sales Follow-Up
Looking professional today
You have a CRM full of leads, people who are great on the phone, but you still have too many non-responsive customers. Our Follow-Up Templates can help you engage your non-responsive customers while presenting a polished and professional message to your customers.

RnD puts the power of engagement in your hands, little bow optional.
We provide your sales team with polished, professional Quote follow-up templates that give your customers tangible reasons to engage with your team. The package of templates includes a wide variety of pre-made emails that will engage your non-responsive prospects and spur them towards engaging with your team. The system balances pushing customers towards a response while providing additional information designed to build the value in a relationship with your dealership.

  • Quote Templates
  • Multi-Day Follow-Up Schedule
  • Current Incentives
  • Matching In-Stock Vehicles
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This product is part of how we help you engage your leads. Remember... persistence overcomes resistance!