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Stealth Shopper
Know your competition
To increase response rates from your customers in the sales cycle, it is critical to understand what your competition is saying. RnD's Stealth Shopper will give you the inside scoop on what they are saying to their customers, and how.

If only all shopping was this painless
Customers are shopping you against your competition, comparing prices and seeing who wants their business more. Do you know what your competition is telling customers to earn their business? Stealth Shopper will give you that insight.

The process is simple - you give us your preferred new vehicle and tell us who your competition is. We'll request a price quote from each of those dealers for that vehicle, and then track the responses for you. We'll chart the prices, and indicate how well each dealership is doing at follow-up (your dealership included!).

During the review session, we'll highlight the positives and negatives, and help you identify messaging that can give you a leg up over your competition.

  • Internet Mystery Shop
  • Sent to 4 or more dealerships
  • Price Comparison Tracked
  • All Follow-Ups Shown
  • Problem Areas Highlighted
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