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Branded Primary Website
The best address on the net
Your website is your home on the Internet - you deserve the best. With RnD, you get all the features you need, plus the upgrades that will make your site stand out and really deliver for your dealership.

Stand out in the crowd
Your website is many things - a first impression, an enticement to do business, a research tool, a communications platform. In short, it is how your customers decide if you are right for them.

There are many website vendors out there, some great ones even that offer sophisticated admin tools and have great reputations. If you simply want to be a part of the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, call them and they'll sell you a great website that will fill your basic needs.

Our philosophy is a little different here - we believe that blending into the crowd is a sucker's bet - it means you sell based on price alone. It's not the standard features that sell the car, it's the bells and whistles. In the website business, the best bells and whistles are found at RnD.

Automation is great, but nothing beats personal attention.
With RnD, you are not simply buying a website - you're hiring a marketing team, upgrading your marketing platform, and actively managing your position in your market.

It starts with your dedicated Account Manager, an experienced Internet Marketing professional who will learn about your business, your market, and your strategy, and make your website a real asset to your marketing efforts. And we bring a lot to the table, such as:
  • Monthly Custom-Built Slide Shows
  • SEO
  • Content Authoring
  • Monthly marketing reviews
  • High Conversion Inventory
  • Slider Coupon and Automated Specials
  • Full Content Management
Give your customers a great reason to do business with you by making their website experience the best in the industry - buy RnD!
  • Custom Branding & Design
  • Automated Specials
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Slider Coupon
  • Custom Slideshow Management
  • Monthly Marketing Plan Reviews
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