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Why Specials Matter
Anyone who's responsible for maintaining their dealership website knows how important it is to place current specials on the website, and how difficult it can be to keep up.

Specials pages on your website perform two primary functions. First, they are a destination in their own right, and people come to your site specifically looking for specials for each of your profit centers. Secondly, Specials pages are used by your customers as a last resort when they cannot find what they are looking for in your Inventory. If you do not capture your customers on your inventory pages, most will leave, but some will view your Specials before leaving.

We specialize in helping dealers engage customers with relevant offers; below are some best practices to maximize your opportunities with your traffic:
  1. Make it easy for customers to find your Specials pages from your Home Page.
  2. Have Specials for each of your Customer Segments. For New cars, this can be an offer per Model. For Used, have units at different price points for all of your body styles you have in stock. For Service, focus on one or two eye-catching offers with mass appeal, and then utilize additional coupons to entice customers with optional services (Cabin Air Filter Replacement, for example).
  3. Make it easy for customers to claim a special - the fewer clicks to a claim form, the better.
  4. Always have Specials. If a customer wants specials, and you have none, they will leave. If you doubt this, look at the "Exits" for your Specials pages in your Analytics for days when you do not have specials - you'll see exactly where customers are leaving from your website on those days.
  5. PRO TIP - By Integrating your offers and vin-based specials onto your inventory pages, you can keep more people engaged with your inventory, which increases time in inventory and VDP leads.
As for making the management of Specials easier, that happens by calling us for a Demo at (888) 689-2652.

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