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Search Engine Marketing
Get started on the right foot
Nothing delivers joy the way a full sales pipeline does - well, nothing except a full pipeline at half the cost - let RnD show you how...

Not all SEM is created equal
Pay-per-click advertising on Google and Bing is an incredibly cost effective way to deliver a full sales pipeline to your dealership. How your agency interacts with the search engines, however, can dramatically affect how much it costs to obtain those customers.

All SEM companies pull customers from the same available pool, so you'd think that all agencies would operate the same way and have costs that are roughly the same. However, there's a lot more to this.

What RnD brings to standard Search Engine Marketing
There are several variables that can significantly alter the amount you spend to acquire customers. There's bid, keyword selection, and how much you pay to the agency. Here's how we raise the bar:
  • Admin fees - our admin fees are fixed and transparent. We do not markup your budget, so you know where every penny is going.
  • Keyword Selection - we focus your budget on long tail and late-funnel search phrases - search patterns that clearly indicate a higher likelihood of purchasing one of your vehicles. The result is lower costs for each click.
  • Aggressive Bid Management - we are constantly shifting bids to push budget towards more effective keywords, lowering the overall cost of customer acquisition. More leads from the same budget is the result of our managing your SEM spend.
RnD Search Engine Marketing is a feature-rich service, including Inventory-based ads, New and Used Cars, Service, Mobile, Custom ads, A/B testing, and Dedicated Account Management, and much more.

Harness the power of inventory-based SEM
Marketing your used vehicle inventory online still poses a challenge to many dealers. The choices are limited, with questionable results. However, joining the power of Search Engine Marketing with Inventory Marketing allows your dealership access to an almost unlimited source of potential customers who are searching for the vehicles you have in stock, and you only pay when a customer visits your website. The result is phenomenal value, and a much larger pool of potential customers looking at your inventory.

Inventory-based SEM - RnD Style
First, just like our regular SEM solution, you get no markups on your budget, and a transparent billing model - you'll know where every penny is being spent. You'll also get call tracking, and we'll track the form submissions so you'll know how your ads are working.

Behind the scenes, we process your inventory every two days and post new ads on the search engines. These ads are for in-stock used vehicles, so you'll only be paying for clicks on vehicles you have in stock. We take people to a filtered inventory results page where they can see the vehicles that closely match their interest. We'll increase bids on old-age units, and write special ads for your certified inventory. Every month, we'll review results with you and make some suggestions for changing bids, adjusting the market, and optimizing your results.

It really is that easy to dramatically expand the size of your potential market.
  • Ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Aggressive Bid Management
  • Custom Ad Writing
  • Inventory-Based Ads
  • A/B Testing on Ads
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • Meaningful Reporting focused on Conversions
  • Monthly Reviews
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