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Slider Coupon
Engage at the right time, every time
Your customers want to save money, and they want you to show them how to do it.

Our Slider Coupon engages customers throughout your site with a money-saving coupon, and selects vehicle specials for them based on their browsing history.

Your customers will thank you
There are many coupon programs out there - some that pop-up once, get in the customer's way, are closed and never seen again, while others are always in the middle of the action, and make your website less desirable to the bulk of your website visitors. RnD Interactive's Slider Coupon strikes the perfect balance between persistent engagement and a superior user experience.

Your customers will thank you by buying your cars, and you'll thank us for delivering this game-changing enhancement at a price that cannot be beat.

RnD's Slider Coupon makes it easy for customers to save money.
Customers come to your website for a handful of reasons - to find available vehicles, colors, prices, pictures, see about special offers, and hopefully, save money on their next vehicle purchase. Most websites do a great job of allowing customers to find some of the information they need, but largely ignore how customers can save money. The Slider Coupon solves that problem.

This starts on the home page of your site. When customers first visit your site, the coupon system will start opened up, showing them a money-saving offer, plus two special offers on vehicles. If the customer is not interested, the coupon system will dock, with a tab still available if the customer wants it at any point. As the customer navigates your site, the coupon will sit there, in the background, as a reminder of savings. When the customer gets to your inventory, and begins browsing, the coupon will spring back into action, re-opening with the money-saving offer, but also showing targeted vehicle specials selected just for them. The result is targeted engagement that delivers significant lead volume to your dealership.

  • Slider coupon includes:
    • Savings Coupon
    • Cash and non-cash offers
    • New Specials, Used Specials, or Both
  • Docks on the side until your customer shows interest in a vehicle
  • Can be positioned anywhere on the left or right side of the screen
  • Printable Certificate
  • Best Practices Suggestions
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